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Zing’s innovative solutions reduce operational risk and complexity by ensuring regulatory compliance and providing the tools necessary to scale drone delivery operations.


Zing Flight Hub

An all-encompassing dashboard for expertly managing drone delivery operations. Contains all components and integrations needed for an

end-to-end drone delivery operation.

  • View historical flight logs and data

  • Track flights in real time

  • Monitor drone fleets 

  • Detect & Avoid other drones in your vicinity with Bluetooth technology and real time flight recommendations 

  • Can be accessed via API if a company has their own visualization software


Zing Drone Delivery Service

Fast, efficient, and Eco-friendly drone delivery services powered by autonomous flight software. Whether you're interested in innovative marketing activation or enhancing your delivery operations -Zing has the expertise to provide custom operational solutions, optimized to fit your needs. Learn more about our operations here.


Zing Winch

Our proprietary Winch technology transforms any drone into a delivery drone. The universally compatible system is capable of lowering packages up to 50 feet and does not require human interference.

  • Universally compatible plug-and-play attachment for drones

  • Carrying capacity up to 10lbs

  • Capable of lowering packages up to 50ft


Zing Remote ID 

Track your drone, log historical flight data, and deconflict in your airspace - all while fulfilling the FAA Remote ID requirement with the Zing Remote ID Module. Compatible with the Zing Remote ID iOS App and the Zing Flight Hub.

  • Universally compatible plug-and-play attachment for drones

  • Communicates essential telemetry data for your flight records

  • Detects nearby aircraft

  • Enables fleet monitoring through the Zing Flight Hub

  • Fulfills FAA Remote ID requirement (goes into effect Oct. 2023)

  • Provides necessary information for drone insurance claims


Zing Remote ID iOS App

Flight optimization through Zing’s Remote ID App so drone pilots can safely fly with confidence.

  • Track your drone

  • View historical flight data

  • Deconflict with drones in your vicinity 

  • Available for iOS


Zing Partner Integrations

Our collaborative platform pieces together a fragmented industry and makes it easy for you to get the solutions you need for a thriving drone delivery operation. Zing has partnered with leaders in the industry to provide targeted, innovative solutions. Learn More