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Zing’s innovative solutions reduce operational risk and complexity by ensuring regulatory compliance and providing the tools necessary to scale drone delivery operations.


Zing's Enterprise Starter Kit For Drone Delivery

Fast, efficient, and Eco-friendly drone delivery services powered by autonomous flight software. Whether you're interested in innovative marketing activation or enhancing your delivery operations -Zing has the expertise to provide custom operational solutions, optimized to fit your needs.


Zing's Partner Integrations

Our collaborative platform pieces together a fragmented industry and makes it easy for you to get the solutions you need for a thriving drone delivery operation. Zing has partnered with leaders in the industry to provide targeted, innovative solutions. Learn More


Zing Xact Landing

Our precision landing system is built from the ground up to give you confidence when landing in difficult areas, performing autonomous operations, or dropping off packages in smart receptacle systems.

  • Drop off payloads in smart receptacle systems with precision.

  • Land on a moving target such as a ship.

  • Custom landing pad integrations are available.


Zing Remote IDConflict 

Our powerful deconfliction system is coming soon. Gain awareness of other drones flying in the airspace to reduce the risk of your operations.

  • Monitor other drones in the airspace

  • Get suggestions about evasive maneuvers.

  • Deconflict with nearby UAS


Zing Skyline

Our proprietary Winch technology transforms any drone into a delivery drone. The universally compatible system is capable of lowering packages up to 50 feet and does not require human interference.

  • Universally compatible plug-and-play attachment for drones

  • Carrying capacity up to 10lbs

  • Capable of lowering packages up to 50ft

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