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Zing has partnered with leaders in the industry to provide targeted and innovative solutions.

Airspace Awareness


Skyway is leading the efforts in building the most secure automated airspace authorization service for the aviation industry. Controlled by our Air Traffic Navigators (ATN), the future of advanced air mobility is within sky's reach.

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Provides airspace awareness information, ground and air risk assessments, access to local advisories and NOTAM/DROTAM notifications, and streamlined LAANC requests through API integrations via the Zing Flight Hub.

Hardware & Infrastructure

Smart Mailboxes


DRONEDEK completes the last mile with our smart, secured receptacle technology. The value gained through the fast, green, convenient, and cost-effective delivery strategy by drone or unmanned vehicle can evaporate when your package is compromised. Weather, animals, thieves, and more can beat you to your item unless it’s safely deposited for you in your smart receptacle.


With the Valqari landing station technology, drone deliveries become simple, safe and secure. The Drone Delivery Station provides a safe landing area, a secure payload vault, and a software system than connects to the drone, the customers, and other essentials (like Traffic Control) and does it all with hands-free and secure chain of custody.

Hardware & Infrastructure

Drone Manufacturers


HevenDrones is a leader in the development and commercialization of heavy-lift capable drones with actionable purposes. HevenDrones is increasing the potential use of drones across multiple industries by advancing technologies to enhance the stabilization of drones as well as innovating technological improvements.


A2Z Drone Delivery develops commercial delivery drone solutions for safe and efficient last-mile UAS delivery including cargo drone systems and a drone winch for integration with most UAS platforms.

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