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About Us

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Zing is a pioneering drone technology company dedicated to revolutionizing the drone industry with cutting-edge innovations. Our team, comprising an MIT-based engineering unit and a Florida-based marketing and business development team, is at the forefront of developing and delivering advanced drone solutions.

Our flagship product, the Z-RID Broadcast Module, is FAA-approved and engineered at MIT, ensuring compliance with FAA Remote ID Part 89 Regulations. Additionally, we offer the Zing Remote ID Conflict system for drone-to-drone deconfliction, the Zing Skyline Universal Winch System for transforming existing drones into delivery drones, and the Zing Xact Landing precision landing system for autonomous landings and precision drop-offs.

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Ian Annase

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ian is an entrepreneur and innovator of disruptive market

solutions. As a drone pilot, Ian understands the capabilities of this technology and envisions a future where society

can benefit from scaled drone solutions. Ian’s experience as a skilled programmer combined with his entrepreneurial mindset and industry knowledge makes him an ideal business leader. 


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Aaron Adams

CEO of Bonsai Energy Group

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Chris Bley

Santa Cruz Serial Entrepreneur

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Jeff Whalen

Professor at Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship

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Chris Bennett

Head of Product at Motorola Solutions

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Alice Griffith

Head of BD at AirspaceLink

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Jeanine Suah

XIR at Brex & Founding Partner Rezilyent Capital

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Mark Galloway

Director of Dynamo Air

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Brian Hardman

Certified Mergers and Acquistions Professional (CMAP)

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