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About Us

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Zing empowers businesses by providing them with customizable turnkey solutions that enable them to get started efficiently with their drone delivery operations. Our seamless integrations with key industry players and cutting-edge technology enable businesses to harness all the components necessary for regulatory compliance and scalable drone delivery operations.

Starting an operation from scratch is a daunting and complex assignment. Zing has the expertise to build customized delivery operations for your logistics and supply chain. Since launching in 2018, Zing has built significant industry relationships, worked with communities to enhance public perception, and gained essential experience from our internal drone delivery operations.



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Aaron Adams

CEO of Bonsai Energy Group

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Chris Bley

Santa Cruz Serial Entrepreneur

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Jeff Whalen

Professor at Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship

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Alice Griffith

Head of BD at AirspaceLink

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Jeanine Suah

XIR at Brex & Founding Partner Rezilyent Capital

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Mark Galloway

Director of Dynamo Air

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Chris Bennett

Head of Product at Motorola Solutions

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