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Zing Remote ID Module

What is Remote ID?

Starting September 16, 2023, a new FAA regulation mandates all drones that are registered to fly in US airspace to be equipped with a “digital license plate” or Remote ID.



US Manufactured 🇺🇸
Manufactured and Assembled in the United States of America.

EFFORTLESS Remote ID Compliance ✅ 

Register your device, secure it to your drone using 3M Dual-Lock, and be compliant.


Convenience at Its Best ⭐

Charge, Turn it On, Fly, Repeat!


Comprehensive Web Dashboard 🌐

Connect any number of modules to your dashboard to plan flights, get real-time flight & weather data, and more.


Superior Airspace Awareness 🛩️

The only Remote ID module that detects and notifies you in real-time of other drones within a kilometer, using patent-pending technology.


Real-time Unlimited Flight Data ♾️

See your flights as they happen on the Dashboard. And, unlike other solutions, get access to all your historical data.


14 Hour Battery Life 🔋

For your longest operations. Full charge in 3.5 hours.


Compatible with All Drones 🌏

Including the popular DJI drones. If it fits, it works.

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