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Flying into the Future: A Recap of Our Enterprise Drone Delivery Demo

In the last week of January 2023, Zing Drone Delivery Inc. engaged in a series of demos for key partners, customers, and investors by showcasing the new “Enterprise Drone Delivery Kit”, a custom fit solution for businesses looking to implement drone solutions into their logistics. The drone demos were a huge success for the team, and Zing is excited to announce that the Enterprise Drone Delivery Kit has launched!

Enterprise Drone Delivery Solution

As we continue to innovate in the world of drone delivery, we recently performed demonstrations of our enterprise drone delivery solution. Our solution consists of two tiers that cater to different operational requirements.

The first tier of our enterprise drone delivery solution is designed for short-range operations that require heavy lifting capabilities. We utilize an Octocopter system that is capable of carrying large payloads over relatively short distances. This tier is ideal for delivering packages and other goods within a limited geographic area, such as a city or campus. During our demo, we showcased the capabilities of the Octocopter system by demonstrating its ability to transport a variety of objects without human intervention by using a gravity release winch system.

The second tier of our enterprise drone delivery solution is designed for longer range and fully autonomous operations. This system utilizes a Tilt Rotor design that enables it to take off and land vertically like a helicopter, but also fly like a fixed-wing aircraft for efficient long-distance travel. With this system, we are able to offer fully autonomous drone delivery operations that can cover greater distances, making it ideal for delivering goods between cities or other remote locations under part 135 BVLOS operations. During our demo, we showcased the Tilt Rotor system's capabilities by demonstrating its ability to fly far and fast with ease. The demonstration of the tiltrotor was the first US pilot operation of this equipment in America, and our chief pilot operator was deemed the #1 American pilot for the equipment.

“The Zing Demo Days gave our potential clients the opportunity to see a real world demonstration of the top heavy-lift delivery drones offered on the market today and what they can expect to see from Zing in the near future. It was an inspiring opportunity to build relationships with potential partners and future clients.” - Ian Annase

Demo Details & Timeline

January 25, 2023: Our team arrived in Sarasota to prepare for the upcoming demonstrations of our enterprise drone delivery solution. Along with our team, a series of investors, advisors, clients, and partners also arrived, all eager to witness our innovative solution in action.

January 26th: We spent the day putting together and testing our drones and equipment to ensure that everything was in working order for the equipment demos scheduled for January 30th. We wanted to make sure that our demonstration would showcase the full capabilities of our system, so we meticulously checked and double-checked all equipment and systems.

January 28th: We performed the equipment pre-demos, which proved to be a major success. We had set up logistics for all of our partners and clients involved in the demonstrations, and everything went according to plan. We tested both our Octocopter and Tilt Rotor systems with the delivery receptacle, highlighting their unique capabilities and advantages for different types of operations with a fully secure chain of custody.

January 30th and 31st: We performed demos specifically for potential "Enterprise Delivery Kit" clients at the RC Squadron in Sarasota. We demonstrated both the Tiltrotor and Octocopter systems, showing how they could be used to solve common logistical challenges faced by businesses looking to improve and implement their delivery and logistical systems in their industry.

February 1st: We wrapped up the demos and celebrated the big win! Our innovative enterprise drone delivery solution had impressed all of our partners, clients, and investors, and we were excited to see where this technology would take us next. The success of the demonstrations was a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, and we looked forward to the future with great optimism.


The Zing Drone Demo day was the first of its kind, and our team is looking forward to running many more like it for future stakeholders. During the operations, we learned a lot about the equipment and what is needed for the structure of a demo day for any party. It took a lot of pivoting on a dime and perseverance to make this complex operation be a success, but Zing’s exceptional team made it work, and we are now more equipped than ever to make our Enterprise Drone Delivery Kits the wave of the future as drone delivery becomes more commoditized.

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