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We Believe Drones Are The Way of The Future

Our mission is to provide universal solutions that reduce the operational risk and complexity of drone operations. We solve problems for a wide range of customers - from hobbyists to enterprise level customers who operate autonomous fleets.

Zing Flight Hub

Software Available for Subscription 

An all-encompassing dashboard for expertly managing drone (delivery) operations. Contains all components and integrations needed for an

end-to-end drone delivery operation. 

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Zing Winch

Hardware Available for Purchase

Our proprietary Winch technology transforms any drone into a delivery drone. The universally compatible system is capable of lowering packages up to 50 feet and does not require human interference. 


Zing Remote ID Module

Track your drone, log historical flight data, and deconflict in your airspace - all while fulfilling the FAA Remote ID requirement with the Zing Remote ID Module. Compatible with the Zing Remote ID iOS App and the Zing Flight Hub.

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Zing Remote ID App

Free Basic Data Visualization App

Pilots can optimize their flight with our Remote ID App for iOS. Track your drone, view historical flight data and deconflict with drones in your vicinity so you can fly with confidence. 

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About Us

Zing empowers businesses by providing them with customized and innovative drone solutions. Our seamless integrations with key industry players and cutting-edge technology enable businesses to harness all of the components that are necessary for regulatory compliance and scalable drone delivery operations.


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