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Zing Drone Solutions Joins Forces with the Miami Autonomous Mobility Initiative (MEAMI) Consortium

Miami, FL- August 18, 2023 - Zing Drone Solutions ( is proud to announce its official partnership with MEAMI (, a strategic research thrust of the College of Engineering at University of Miami. This collaboration brings together two formidable groups with a shared vision of transforming the landscape of autonomous mobility.

MEAMI, an Academia-Industry-Government consortium invited Zing to be a consortium partner to foster a future where transportation is characterized by full electric vertical and short take-off landing aircraft technology. This joint endeavor aims to achieve ultra-high transportation efficiency, enhanced productivity, minimal noise impact, and elevated safety standards, all while ensuring wide public acceptance in an economically viable manner.

"Our partnership with MEAMI signifies a tremendous milestone in our pursuit of a future characterized by autonomous mobility," said Ian Annase, CEO of Zing. Dr. Pratim Biswas, the Dean of University of Miami College of Engineering added, “The MEAMI consortium with its team of seasoned veterans in the field of autonomous mobility are poised to revolutionize how people and goods move within the city, leading to enhanced efficiency, reduced congestion, and a more sustainable U.S transportation network.” MEAMI and Zing are confident that their collaborative efforts will yield a lasting impact, ensuring not only economic growth but also substantial societal benefits and significant environmental progress.

This alliance also places a strong emphasis on developing a diverse and skilled workforce of future engineers and scientists who will drive forward the advancements in autonomous mobility. Through mentorship, education, and hands-on experiences, Zing and MEAMI will work together to cultivate the next generation of talented professionals in this burgeoning industry.

Join us on this groundbreaking journey as we steer towards a future of autonomous mobility excellence. To learn more about the MEAMI consortium, visit

Contact Dr. Sivakumar Ramanathan,Corporate Liaison, MEAMI

Nhan Nguyen, Head of Business Development, Zing

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