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Tracking Drone Delivery on the Blockchain: A Revolutionary New System

Updated: Apr 29, 2023


Drone delivery has emerged as a game-changing technology in recent years. It offers tremendous benefits such as reduced delivery time, lower costs, and a smaller carbon footprint. However, there are still some challenges associated with drone delivery, including security, tracking, and delivery confirmation. To address these challenges, Zing Drone Solutions partnered with Token Society to implement a tracking system using blockchain technology. This blog will discuss the advantages of tracking drone delivery on the blockchain and how Zing Drone Solutions recently implemented this system using smart contracts and NFTs.

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Advantages of Tracking Drone Delivery on the Blockchain

Improved Security and Transparency

By tracking drone delivery on the blockchain, Zing Drone Solutions has been able to increase security and transparency in the delivery process. Blockchain technology provides an immutable ledger that records every transaction, which makes it nearly impossible to alter or tamper with the data. This ensures that the delivery process is transparent and secure.

Real-time Tracking and Monitoring

Another benefit of tracking drone delivery on the blockchain is real-time tracking and monitoring. Zing Drones can track the movement of drones and packages in real-time using blockchain technology. This allows them to quickly identify and address any issues that may arise during the delivery process.

Reduced Risk of Fraud and Errors

Blockchain technology is known for its ability to reduce the risk of fraud and errors. By implementing blockchain in a delivery system, one has reduced the risk of fraudulent activities and errors during the delivery process. This has improved the overall reliability of the overall delivery system.

Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings

Tracking drone delivery on the blockchain has also resulted in increased efficiency and cost savings. The use of blockchain technology streamlines the delivery process, which reduces the time and resources required to deliver packages. This, in turn, reduces costs and makes drone delivery more affordable for consumers.

Zing Drones' Implementation of Blockchain Technology

Deployment of Zing Hub on the Avalanche Blockchain

Zing Drone Solutions deployed Zing Hub on the Avalanche blockchain, and according to the founder of Zing Drone Solutions, lan Annase, "Our integration with the Avalanche blockchain serves to future-proof our autonomous logistics system and secures our position in the Web3 ecosystem. IOT, blockchain, and logistics are three technologies that are converging to create a secure and transparent record of delivery."

Creation of Smart Contracts for Drones and Mailboxes

Using Zing Hub, the user can create smart contracts for drones and mailboxes. These smart contracts are programmed to execute specific actions when certain conditions are met. For example, a smart contract might be programmed to initiate a shipment when a drone is assigned to a package.

Zing Hub Creation

Zing Hub Mints an NFT with Package Metadata

Initiation of Shipments Using the Main Hub

Zing Drones initiates shipments using the main hub. The main hub is connected to all the smart contracts and can initiate the execution of these contracts. This allows the drones to initiate a shipment with just a few clicks.

Zing Hub Transfers the Package to the Drone

Zing Hub Transfers the Package to the Mailbox

Input of Relevant Metadata

When initiating a shipment, Zing Drones inputs relevant metadata such as the packaging contents, sender and recipient details, and delivery location. This information is recorded on the blockchain and can be accessed by anyone with permission to view it.

How NFTs are Used in Zing Drones' Delivery System

Zing Drones uses NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) in their delivery system to provide a unique digital identity to each package. This allows for seamless tracking and monitoring of the package's journey through the delivery process.

When a package is initiated for delivery, a smart contract is created on the blockchain using the Zing Hub. This contract contains all the relevant metadata such as the contents of the package, sender and recipient details, and the NFT representing the package.

The NFT acts as a unique identifier for the package, and is transferred to the drone wallet before it is dispatched for delivery. Once the drone reaches its destination, the NFT is transferred to the mailbox wallet, confirming successful delivery.

By using NFTs, Zing Drones is able to create a verifiable digital record of the package's journey from start to finish. This provides an added layer of security and transparency, and can help to reduce the risk of tampering or fraud during the delivery process.

Benefits of Using Blockchain for Drone Delivery

There are several benefits to using blockchain technology for drone delivery services. First, it provides a secure and tamper-proof way to store and track data related to the delivery process. This ensures that all parties involved in the delivery process, including the sender, recipient, and delivery personnel, can have confidence that the package has not been tampered with during transit.

Second, blockchain technology can provide greater transparency in the delivery process. All delivery-related data is stored on the blockchain, which can be accessed by anyone with the necessary permissions. This means that both the sender and the recipient can track the package's progress in real-time and receive alerts when the package is delivered.

Finally, using blockchain technology can help to reduce costs associated with the delivery process. By automating many of the tasks involved in the delivery process, such as tracking and verifying deliveries, blockchain technology can help to reduce the need for human intervention, thus lowering costs.


In conclusion, the use of blockchain technology in drone delivery services has the potential to revolutionize the industry by providing greater security, transparency, and efficiency. By leveraging the unique features of blockchain technology, such as its tamper-proof nature and ability to store data in a decentralized manner, drone delivery services can provide a more seamless and reliable service to customers. As the technology continues to develop, we can expect to see even more innovative uses of blockchain in the drone delivery industry.

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