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Tierra Verde Test Site

Zing’s operational test site in Tierra Verde provides our team with the unique opportunity to test our technology, integrate with partners, and build out our platform while also inviting community members to learn about the benefits of drone delivery and experience it firsthand. Through our Tierra Verde Test Site, we’re not only ensuring safety and efficacy but also enhancing public perception. This is necessary for scaled drone delivery operations around the globe.

Long Range (BVLOS) Operations

Long-range, autonomous drone delivery operations are enabled through Zing’s Flight Hub and partner integrations. Our all-encompassing platform gives businesses peace of mind by providing end-to-end solutions and tailored operational plans. Please contact us to learn more about how your business can be one of the first to incorporate long-range and autonomous drone delivery operations into your delivery network.

Marketing Activations

Drone delivery has many benefits for customers and businesses alike. Reinvigorate your customer base with innovative marketing activations customized to fit your needs. Zing has successfully collaborated with brands such as CoMotion, Brex, Coyo Taco, and Budweiser to deliver memorable experiences and bring their vision to life. Check out our past collaborations here.

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