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  • How does drone delivery help support businesses?
    Autonomy within our platform facilitates low labor costs and the efficiency of our fully scaled drone delivery operations means more revenue. Our pricing structure will allow local businesses to pay less while reaching new customers.
  • Why drone delivery?
    There’s a ton of consumer, business, and societal benefits that are associated with drone delivery. Consumer benefits include saving time and supporting those with mobility challenges. Scaled drone delivery operations have been proven to lower CO2 emissions and increase street safety by reducing car wrecks and damage to infrastructure in communities.
  • I’m a potential (airspace awareness, hardware + infrastructure, drone manufacturer) partner interested in more information. How can I get in touch?
    We believe the future of the drone industry in dependent on collaboration - so we’re working to piece together this fractured ecosystem! Contact us for more information. (link to contact page)
  • Where does Zing operate?
    We launched our Tierra Verde Operational Test Site in June 2022. These community-facing operations allow our team to test our solutions and partner integrations while providing community members with the chance to experience drone delivery first-hand!
  • What partner integrations are available for the Zing Flight Hub?
    Partner integrations include infrastructure, hardware, and airspace management software. The infrastructure includes smart mailboxes and charging hubs. The hardware includes drone manufacturers and parachute systems. The airspace integrations include route planning, airspace approvals, and unmanned traffic management.
  • What are the key differences between the Zing Remote ID App for iOS and the Zing Flight Hub?
    The Zing Remote ID App is intended primarily for individual or hobbyist Drone pilots. Part 107 pilots can fulfill the FAA Remote ID requirement (effective October 2023) while viewing flight data through the app. The Zing Flight Hub is intended for companies that provide drone services and need a solution for data visualization and fleet management. More details can be found on the Flight Hub product page(link).
  • What can you carry with the Zing Winch?
    Our gravity-based hook design works best if you have something to latch on to. For example - our Zing Delivery Boxes(link) have a handle that the winch can easily hook onto and release from upon delivery. Check out the winch product page for more information!
  • What drones are compatible with the Zing Winch?
    The Zing Winch is designed to be universally compatible with any enterprise level drone. Reach out to us to find out if we have already created an adapter for the drone that you intend to use. If we haven’t yet, we can work with you on building what’s required to make the winch compatible.
  • What drones are compatible with the Zing Remote ID Module?
    The Zing Remote ID Broadcast module is a small plug-and-play device that is compatible with any drone. Drones manufactured before October 2023 will be required to meet Remote ID standards. This can only be achieved by attaching an FAA-approved Remote ID broadcast module.
  • Where is Zing based?
    Zing is based out of Tampa Bay, Florida. Between the beautiful weather and geography - it’s a perfect location to test our drone solutions!
  • I’m an individual/hobbyist drone pilot - what solution is best for me?
    P. 107 certified pilots can fulfill the FAA’s Remote ID requirement with our Remote ID Module. As an added bonus, our Oct. 2023 update will allow pilots to view their flight logs via the Zing Remote ID App for iOS.
  • What type of solutions does Zing provide for the drone industry?
    Zing’s all-encompassing platform provides a wide range of solutions to solve problems in the drone industry. From our hardware and software solutions that allow for flight tracking, risk reduction, and fleet management to our fast and efficient delivery operations.
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